Ivan Johnson Lands at #312

Now for anyone that watches the hawks, they should know that Ivan Johnson is the best success story out of nowhere that this team has possibly ever had.  He came into this team as an undrafted 28 year old rookie.  His playing time was practically non-existent at the beginning of the season but we later learned this guy hustles, defends, has athleticism and just brings the energy to the the court that many of the players and fans desperately needed.  He was the classic “blue-collared” player that we needed and therefore ended of getting the nickname “9-5” from our very own Dominique Wilkins.  We may never know why his playing time was so limited in the playoffs but one things for sure, he is a fan favorite and many will be disappointed if he does not return.  If not where will we get such classic interviews and “hard work” comments like we are accustomed to.  But before I get carried away, let me discuss his position at #312 on ESPN.com player ranking.

For a guy that has never played in the NBA before and literally took the title as “the meanest looking player”, Ivan Johnson has come a long way from his days of getting kicked out of the Korean league.  Nine months ago you would have never heard of him but now there was a point in the last season that he was the more famous “Johnson” in the city.  So for Ivan to come in at #312 should be a good thing since he was essentially a nobody this time last year.  But of course I’m not going to say that to him in fear of a slow death so I will just stay safe and say that he deserved to be ranked better on this list.


But then again, that’s just my Perspective.